Almond Antique Brass Apricot Aquamarine Asparagus Atomic Tangerine Banana Mania Beaver Bittersweet Black Blizzard Blue Blue Blue Bell Blue Gray Blue Green Blue Violet Blush Brick Red Brown Burnt Orange Burnt Sienna Cadet Blue Canary Caribbean Green Carnation Pink Cerise Cerulean Chestnut Copper Cornflower Cotton Candy Dandelion Denim Desert Sand Eggplant Electric Lime Fern Forest Green Fuchsia Fuzzy Wuzzy Gold Goldenrod Granny Smith Apple Gray Green Green Blue Green Yellow Hot Magenta Inchworm Indigo Jazzberry Jam Jungle Green Laser Lemon Lavender Lemon Yellow Macaroni and Cheese Magenta Magic Mint Mahogany Maize Manatee Mango Tango Maroon Mauvelous Melon Midnight Blue Mountain Meadow Mulberry Navy Blue Neon Carrot Olive Green Orange Orange Red Orange Yellow Orchid Outer Space Outrageous Orange Pacific Blue Peach Periwinkle Piggie Pink Pine Green Pink Flamingo Pink Sherbert Plum Purple Heart Purple Mountain’s Majesty Purple Pizzazz Radical Red Raw Sienna Raw Umber Razzle Dazzle Rose Razzmatazz Red Red Orange Red Violet Robin`s Egg Blue Royal Purple`Salmon Scarlet Screamin`Green Sea Green Sepia Shadow Shamrock Shocking Pink Silver Sky Blue Spring Green Sunglow Sunset Orange Tan Teal Blue Thistle Tickle Me Pink Timberwolf Tropical Rain Forest Tumbleweed Turquise Blue Unmellow Yellow Violet Violet Blue Violet Red Vivid Tangerine Vivid Violet White Wild Blue Yonder Wild Strawberry Wild Watermelon Wisteria Yellow Yellow Green Yellow Orange



Aztec Gold Burnished Brown Cerulean Frost Cinnamon Satin Copper Penny Cosmic Cobalt Glossy Grape Granite Gray Green Sheen Lilac Luster Misty Moss Mystic Maroon Pearly Purple Pewter Blue Polished Pine Quick Silver Rose Dust Rusty Red Shadow Blue Shiny Shamrock Steel Teal Sugar Plum Twilight Lavender Wintergreen Dream



Baby Power Banana Blueberry Bubble Gum Cedar Chest Cherry Chocolate Coconut Daffodil Dirt Eucalyptus Fresh Air Grape Jelly Bean Leather Jacket Lemon Licorice Lilac Lime Lumber New Car Orange Peach Pine Rose Shampoo Smoke Soap Strawberry Tulip



Amethyst Citrine Emerald Jade Jasper Lapis Lazuli Malachite Moonstone Onyx Peridot Pink Pearl Rose Quartz Ruby Sapphire Smokey Topaz Tiger’s Eye



Blue to magenta green to violet orange to black pink red to blue yellow to green



Baby’s Blanket Blazing Bonfire Cool and Crazy Lemon Lime Zing Magenta Mix-up Mixed Veggies Off-Road Peaches ‘n’ Cream Rainforest Shrimp Cocktail Southwest Star Spangles Banner Stonewashed Surf’s Up Twister Warm and Fuzzy



Aqua Pearl Black Coral Pearl Caribbean Pearl Cultured Pearl Key Lime Pearl Mandarin Pearl Midnight Pearl Mystic Pearl Ocean Blue Pearl Ocean Green Pearl Orchid Pearl Rose Pearl Salmon Pearl Sunny Pearl Sunset Pearl Turquoise Pearl



Alloy Orange B’dazzled Blue Big Dip O’ Ruby Bittersweet Shimmer Blast Off Bronze Cyber Grape Deep Space Sparkle Gold Fusion Illuminating Emerald Metallic Seaweed Metallic Sunburst Razzmic Berry Sheen Green Shimmering Blush Sonic Silver Steel Blue



Alien Armpit Big Foot Feet Booger Buster Dingy Dungeon Gargoyle Gas Giant’s Club Magic Potion Mummy’s Tomb Ogre Odor Pixie Powder Princess Perfume Sasquatch Socks Sea Serpent Smashed Pumpkin Sunburnt Cyclops Winter Wizard



Sizzling Red Red Salsa Tart Orange Orange Soda Bright Yellow Yellow Sunshine Slimy Green Green Lizard Denim Blue Blue Jeans Plump Purple Purple Plum Sweet Brown Brown Sugar Eerie Black Black Shadows



Amazon Rainforest Caribbean Current Florida Sunrise Grand Canyon Maui Sunset Milky Way Sahara Desert Yosemite Campfire



Firey Rose Sizzling Sunset Heat Wave Lemon Glacier Spring Frost Absolute Zero Winter Sky Frostbite



Ultra Yellow Ultra Blue Cranberry Indian Red Chartreuse Prussian Blue Ultra Orange Flesh Brink Pink Torch Red Ultra Green Ultra Pink Ultra Red