"Canadian Literature" 
an essay by Brian Evanson

“The more I’ve read, the more convinced I’ve become that it’s better to talk about a lot of younger Canadian writers not in nationalistic terms, but instead part of a larger notion: North American writing.”

“I’ve had a few things killed over the years, but have mostly published them since. The one thing that still hasn’t been published is a piece on Canadian literature that the Believer originally wanted. It wasn’t published not because of ill will on either side but just because both they and I let other things get in the way, and then enough new Canadian books had been written in the meantime that it didn’t feel quite as timely.”


"The Security Wall" 
an editorial by Dr. Gabor Maté

“This wall, built by the most openly bellicose leader Israel has ever had, is designed to end any hopes of Palestinian independence and to entrench permanently the settlements Israel has placed on occupied lands.”

“I submitted this to the Globe and Mail, after they ran 3 pro-wall pieces in one week. In the past they had welcomed my contributions on this general topic. I never wrote for them unless I had secured their interest in a topic first, and once I did, they never killed anything. In this case, having gritted my teeth reading through those three articles, I decided to submit this one without prior approval. They never responded and I was told by an insider that no further pieces on this subject would be accepted from me. A new regime had been established at the Globe where, I was told by this high-up insider, ” ‘Palestinian’ had become a dirty word.” This was under the previous editor, Eddie Greenspon.”


"Chart 2008"
a chart by Helen DeWitt

“The things that drive us crazy don’t do so once a month, or once a week, or even once a day: we have to fight them minute by minute, hour by hour.”

“The editor could not see his way to publishing this in the Believer before May, but he offered the NY Ghost as an alternative which could come out immediately. The Ghost doesn’t pay, but I sort of thought the piece offered something of value to the public that ought to be out there, so I said that would also be fine. I saw this as a favour, offering to give a piece of work for free; if I agree to do a favour, I think I deserve a note of thanks and a clear response one way or another. I don’t get that, and so there is a long delay where I am waiting for a reply. I don’t have an agent during this time, so there is no one to chase this reply; I have to wait when I want to be working on my book. Sadly, by the time the reply comes I have had a lot of other vague people to deal with, so there is not enough niceness in reserve. Note that the actual piece was about trying not to commit suicide.


"The Girls Show Dostoevsky The New Darkness"
a painting by Margaux Williamson

“My gallery in New York hung all the work I gave them for my one-person show, except this painting. They said it was too small, physically, for the big gallery space.”


"On Impotence" and "Fucking Old"
two versions of the same essay by Simon Webster and Jamieson Webster

“Our cultural landscape is composed of women who cannot be moved by men”

“I am sending two very different versions of a piece I wrote with my wife for TAR magazine, which went out of business last summer, just as our piece was going to be published. The first version, “On Impotence,” was deemed too complicated for the magazine, so we reworked it completely. They liked the second version, but then went bust. We were never paid.”


"Mom's Sanity: This Monstrosity's Fulcrum"
an editorial by Darren O'Donnell

“Her sanity is the fulcrum upon which this whole monstrosity hinges – we all must get along or she goes bonkers.”

“Daily News and Analysis India loves their moms too much to print this.”


"Summer Fling"
an essay by James Hannaham

“Of receiving anal sex, he’d told me, excitedly, ‘It’s like being murdered.’ Hard to dispute — so few murdered people can describe the sensation afterward.”

“Time Out New York commissioned a bunch of writers to write about their best or worst ‘Summer Fling.’ This is the long version of my intended contribution. I don’t know why they didn’t print it.”


"An Illustration"
an illustration by Balint Zsako

”Here is a cover I drew for last year’s New York Times magazine architecture issue. They commissioned a handful of illustrators but plans changed and they only ran two or three versions. Mine didn’t get in.”

"Kim Gordon"
an interview by Mary Gaitskill

“If you only allow the beautiful thing to show, the ugly thing just gets more horrible.”

“In 1996 I interviewed Kim Gordon in a restaurant in NYC. Mostly this happened because I had met her and found her really interesting; also we seemed to be thinking about some of the same things. Spin didn’t want it, nor did Raygun. Coincidentally, before I sent it to Rolling Stone, they called and asked if I would interview Kim Gordon for a special issue they were doing on female musicians. But they didn’t want me to ask my own questions! I had to use a prefab list. It was so ridiculous. The young editor who called me was embarrassed, said it wasn’t his idea, and that it wasn’t just me, they had a list for everyone. I said, Would you at least look at my interview? He said yes, but they didn’t want it. They wanted the prefab! I passed.”


"Tiger Woods"
an editorial by David Shields

“What’s been completely absent from coverage of Tiger Woods’s self-destruction is even the slightest recognition that for all of us the force for good can convert so easily into the force for ill, that our deepest strength is indivisible from our most embarrassing weakness, that what makes us great will inevitably get us in terrible trouble.”

“NPR asked me to write up a monologue. I couldn’t believe they didn’t use it. The editor literally never got back to me. Probably too literary. WTF?”


"Human Sexuality"
a short story by Jaron Lanier

“Just because you’re in a female avatar, don’t expect to feel passion on your first day in class. There’s no guarantee you’ll feel it at all, and if you do, there’s no way to know in advance if you can handle it.”

“This was the first time I ever submitted fiction for publication. It was for a popular men’s sex magazine. My editor said: I read this piece over a few times and mulled it over. I like the premise and the approach to sex as a completely foreign phenomenon. Some of the description even sounds lyrical, despite the clinical voice. But it is not right for [our magazine], which treats sex in a very specific way.


"If it Doesn't Exist"
a lecture by Kenny Goldsmith

“I’m not saying don’t publish on paper. By all means do, but make sure that your work isavailable in a non-proprietary digital form as well.”
“Here’s a paper that I wrote for a conference on Digital Poetry here at the University of Pennsylvania, which was rejected from the official publication. I think it was too radical for them.”

"Nick Cannon, Homage to Malcom X"
a photograph by Chris Buck

“I shot this for a young man’s magazine called Complex. They sell themselves as cutting-edge and street, but I think they were afraid of the potential controversy of an homage photo to Malcolm X that could be read as less than respectful. It was shot three years ago.”